New quilt, Christmas gift for my cousin

My cousin is a lovely lady and so this quilt is destined for her. It’s a fairly simple pattern to minimise cutting fabric, so you can show off designs you like.

I always use vintage woollen blankets for the wadding I took the label off the blanket and attached it to the back, as my cousin likes history.
Speaking of history, some of the fabrics in this quilt have been in my stash for nearly 30 years! About time they got used, right?!


WOW! Your cousin is a lucky duck! So gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

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I love a scrappy quilt, all the colors and fabrics, and the history of some parts. Beautiful.


Pretty colors, very cheerful!

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What a fabulous quilt…and I really like your idea of repurposing the vintage woollen blankets!

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Love the colors! So cheerful!

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I love how vibrant and cheery this is! Your quilts are always so amazing. I love that you are using up stash and finally giving a life to these incredible fabrics.

Edel, it’s so nice!!! The colors and blocks are just lovely. Now I want to make one like it! :heart:

I love how the colors and prints work so well with the pattern and scale. This will be adored! And now you don’t have to pack or move those stashed fabrics or the woolen blanket. NICE!

Without searching through your back catalogue, I am hoping that your assistant always matches their shoes to the quilt. :smile:

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Beautiful job! I love how bright and cheerful it is.

Wonderful! It’s warm and cozy, yet so bright and cheerful :slight_smile:

Obviously she does


Thanks my lovelies for the nice comments. I’ve had a monumentally shitty day and it’s balm for the soul x


This is soooo pretty! The colors just sing.
I’m sure it’s going to be a treasured keepsake.

What a great quilt, it looks so cozy! Your cousin will feel the love every time she snuggles up underneath this!

Your quilts are so wonderful. I love that reverse side fabric, with the blue and circles!

It’s so bright and cheery, perfect for this time of year. Perfect for this year, in fact. Nicely done, I’m sure it will be received with awe and loved forever.