New Year's/January Birthday Decoration

From the beginning of October until the end of December our house is pretty much full on decorated for holidays. January looks and feels kind of sparse. So I wanted to added to make a few celebratory and festive looking things and this is the first.

I am drawn to vintage bingo cards when I see them at vintage sales, etc. and picked up this one last spring because it had my birthday numbers on it! I covered all of the numbers except my birthday with various bits and bobs scavenged from my various stashes and here I am going to describe them all. Skip ahead if that’s just too much. :grimacing:

Left to right
1st row: vintage button, from Irish gin label, random silk flower, shorty wooden spool, hole cut for mirror
2nd row: vintage googly eye, Husqvarna bobbin, porcelain thing I made years ago, fake screw heat, broken jewelry
3rd row: plastic gear embellishment, moon sticker, tack, used postage stamp, vintage button
4th row: paper flower with pearl embellishment, paper clay (?) party girl, mini playing card, hold cut for plastic frog, brass snowflake
5th row: hole cut for skull die, die cut postal cancellation, (embossing powder on the 42), scrabble tile, bottle cap

The “title” is die cut from metallic papers that was then embossed. The lacey bit is one of those die and emboss in one things.


Because I wanted to do some more dimensional bits I used scanned and printed copies of the original to make a couple more cards by gluing them to mat board. All three also have papers glued to the back.


I didn’t get good shots of the danglies, but they’re all just doodahs that I’d saved for the making potential. I think I’ve had that moon for close to 30 years? Sometime in the 90s is my guess. They are a brass cresant moon, two bottle caps the lower says “Darn, those bubbles tickle,” and faux typewriter keys X and O. I may at least two a little longer.

I used screw posts to attach the three layers and alllllmost bought nothing for this, except I didn’t have anything to make spacers with… so I did buy 1’ of tubing at the hardware store for 69 cents. And I have about 10" left.


Made me smile! Love the depths you added by layering.

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Cool way to use up those treasures while making something personally significant!

Love it!

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So interesting to look at! I love the holes cut for more dimensional items. That skull die is super cool!!

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This is so fun! A perfect new year/ birthday tribute!!

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Thanks y’all!

Love the display and the story behind it!

So fun! Love the party girl and all the other quirky little trinkets. It’s a very jazzy little decoration, great for cheering up a post-holiday house. Thanks for describing all the different elements and for adding the side views.

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I keep coming back for Dang!

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Thanks, friends!

@Camelama Right!? I am 96% sure thta I bought the beverage that cap came on because it was called Dang! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I wouldn’t really concider anything less than a buck as having to buy supplies. so congrats on having so many cool things in your stash! I love all the interesting things to look at. I think my favorite is the frog!

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Ha! Well, it’s more about the stash aspect than the cost in this case!

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Just realized the two hanging bottlecaps are workin’ together. Slow clap on that pair, ma’am, slow clap of approval.

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YES! [takes bow]


This is and I love the Scrabble tile choice to just add that last bit of personal :wink:


Thank you!

This is so cute! I like the idea of cutting holes to make room for longer items, smart!

Aw, thanks! Seemed better than trusting whatever adhesive to support the bigger/heavier bits!

I love all these eclectic baubles. A vintage bingo card is the perfect way to show them all off. Super cool.

Well, thank you!