News article about clothing recovered from shipwreck

I came across this article and thought our folks here would be interested. Link goes to a Boston News Station webpage WCVB.

It’s about clothing from the late 1600’s found in a shipwreck.
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Coool! Thanks for sharing!

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Very interesting read!

I know fabric preservation is indeed a combo of science and art!


Thanks! Here’s a link to what I think is another article about the same thing (I googled “wedding dress ship wreck”) Silver wedding dress recovered from 17th century shipwreck | CNN The one you posted isn’t accessible in Europe.

It’s an amazing discovery, imagine what a white wedding dress hand embroidered with actual pieces of silver must have looked like? I’m not surprised they found a book cover with the emblem of the Stuart family on it. That’s a wedding dress suitable for royalty.

It is apparantly in a museum in NL! Unfortunately, on an island, pretty far from where I live, but I hope I can get a look at it one day.


Thanks! I’ll add the link to the first post. I was wondering if you might get to see it being the closest person to it that I know of.


I have actually been in that museum, I think! But a long time ago, in the 90s. I had family on the island, we visited them and I know we went to a museum full of stuff they found in shipwrecks. It’s a small island so it’s probably the same museum.

The island of Texel is a bit out of the way for me - it’s 3-4 hours by train or car to the harbour, then half an hour on the boat, and the island is nice but not really anything special. It’s a little too far away for a day trip but not really special enough for a vacation. Maybe @Ewulotta has had a chance to see it, if I remember correctly she goes on holiday there!

I understand why they want to keep their own treasures on their own island but I think it’s special enough to be shown in our national historical museum.


Thank you for linking me, this is really interesting


Wow! That’s amazing! :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you @Immaculata for remembering me! When we’re in Texel in summer we’ll definitely pay the museum a visit! I’m already excited now that I know what treasure to expect to see :heart_eyes: