Night blossoms

These aren’t flowers that bloom at night, but something to do when I can’t sleep.
This took just three bad nights!

Real simple techniques; spiderweb roses, chainstitch stems, and lazy daisy leaves.

I was very pleased with it when I decided it was finished. But…
I didn’t preplan (apparently, I make poor decisions when I’m tired), and wound up too close to the edge, stitched on more fabric, then ran out of room in another spot…wound up adding fabric on three sides.

Then it wasn’t balanced, and I had to rotate it 20°. Next it demanded a mat; fortunately, I had scrapbook paper to match the color of the stems.

Then it insisted on a frame. This is the only one I had, so I painted the back of the existing '80s vintage mat

I love it, and the visible angled seams don’t show because I mounted it high on my LeeArt wall.


Very pretty! I hope you can get better sleep!

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This is so pretty and despite all the problems it turned out fantastic!

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I’m sorry you can’t sleep… but this project is fabulous!

Also, did you hear that sleep has been verified as THE top “best thing in the world”? It’s true.

But if you can’t sleep, at least you have some gorgeous embroidery to show for it.

(And if I vote with my own behavior, apparently I’ll vote CRAFTWORK over sleep, any day. Er, night. CRAFT ON!)

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I looooove sleep!
But crafting is good, too. Sometimes I’m kept awake thinking about what I’ll work on if I can’t sleep. That’s so wrong!

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Turned out lovely…i need to learn all the stitches you described. Lovely color scheme.

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Lovely - and you presented it so nicely with the framing.

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This is beautiful

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Thanks, all!