Nighty Night Nightshirt

I love cozy night wear but don’t like the prices or quality. A tshirt nightshirt can cost up to 3x a tshirt…mens xxl! Silly.
I’ve been looking at flannel nightshirts and between the cost and the color selections I, of course, decided to make myself a couple.
This is the first one, Butterick 6885 from 2001.
There are a few fussy and impossible instructuons, like the way to do the front placket and who ever thought you could do a rolled flannel hem with reverse curves. And the front pattern is in two pieces and full width for no apparent reason. So I adapted. Patterns and recipes are suggestions, right?
Behold! I snuggled down in it last night. I have another to make with more modifications.


I loooove nightshirts. Fantastic!

cool! er, Warm!
nice adaptation. For summer, I buy men’s tank tops in the largest size, then take them in at the armhole so I don’t fall out. Sadly, cheaper than buying fabric.

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Looks so cozy and comfortable for sleeping!

Well done changing the “recipe” to better suit. Looks good & I’m sure it’s cosy.

How perfectly cozy!

Great nightshirt! Also, I wish so had the ability to view sewing patterns as “suggestions”!

Awesome! Looks so comfy!

That looks so cozy! I like the style, but i wouldnt know enough to alter my patterns.

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