No Gather Tiered Skirt

I love tiered skirts but hate gathering, so I was very excited to find this pattern on Etsy. I decided the color scheme would be dark cool florals, but also get all my fabric secondhand, so I deviated from that a bit based on what I could find.

There’s a little bit of upfront math and a little bit of wrangling by the time you’re putting the last tier on, but otherwise a simple sew, made all on the serger. It was my first time doing a rolled hem, so Im glad to have that in my repertoire now.

Here’s the result:

And on my mannequin to show the span better:

It is a little heavy and impractical. You make the skirt to go over your hips, but if you have a high hip to waist ratio, it ends up being a lot of fabric gathering at your waist. If I make it again, I’ll definitely go for a shorter 3 tier version and see where I can minimize the bulk.

For fun: this is what the first round of pics my husband took looked like:


Oh my gosh it’s awesome!! Younger me would have worn this every. single. day, lol.


I bet that’s so fun to twirl in! I bet the slightly shorter version will be a lovely springy/summer piece, too!

On my screen, in that last pic your skirt looks a little like a kitty cat.


A pretty mix of fabrics! Congrats on the new rolled-hem technique. Sounds like a very useful skill.

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Wow, it must have taken a while to source all those fabrics! What a great no gather solution, it works really well with this patchwork style.

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You are ready for Taos, New Mexico! I think that’s pretty much all I saw the ladies wearing. That and big hats, long necklaces, and flowy tank tops. I love patchwork skirts. And your extra model is handsome!

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How pretty! & certainly full enough without more gathers.

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Pretty! And I like the no-gather thing.

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I love that it has limited gathers. Too much bulk isn’t flattering, but this is!
Also, best cat model ever showing off that leg.


What a cool idea!

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I totally love this!

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Totally love this! I’ve been looking for a full shirt that was also fairly simple to make. Thanks for sharing where you got the pattern! It’s really flattering on you and i love the fabrics you used.

May i ask, how tall are you? I’m 5’5" so i was wondering because of the length and the bulky gathering you were talking about.

Again, just a great skirt!

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@TheMistressT There were ones where it transformed totally into a cat, almost like he forgot why I asked to take a picture! :laughing:

@AudiobookLover I actually got pretty lucky - because i had a theme i was able to pick up a couple of scrap lots on ebay where I could use most of the fabric. Plus now I get to play with all the other fun scraps that didn’t go into this!

@irid3sc3nt I’ve never been to New Mexico, but that sounds like such a fun look! Yes, luckily Gimli is handsome because he’s kind of a pain. :wink:

@gozer That leg is absolutely preceding him licking himself, but sometimes he has to work up to it!

@Juju I’m 5’8", but part of the math I did at the start was adding length - since it’s only one pattern piece, it’s very easy to do. The pattern says as drawn will be 33" length; mine ended up at 35".


:rabbit2: :nest_with_eggs: :tulip: This is one hoppin’ craft! And it’s one of our featured projects this week! :tulip: :nest_with_eggs: :rabbit2:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I really love your skirt. The fabrics you chose complement each other and the style perfectly.

I can’t stop laughing at the last picture, I’m not even a cat lover but that pose is hilarious :joy::joy::rofl:

Me too!

Really nice, it must be so fun to wear.