No Puffin atc

When I was a kid, I grew up in Alaska, and smoking was allowed everywhere. Since puffins are found in Alaska, they were used (and I hear still are used) for punny signs like these.

In the atc trio swap, @gozer graciously hosted, but since there were an odd number of swappers, she opted of of swapping. Myself and two others offered to swap 1:1 with her so she could participate. One of her themes was “cute animals smoking.” As a non-smoker, I just couldn’t go with any animal smoking, but I remembered these fun signs. So, I made her a No Puffin puffin atc! I keep thinking I need to make myself something like this!

It’s mostly marker, a little acrylic paint, white gel pen, and posted on a masterboard background.
(Gozer, I’m borrowing your photo for this, thanks!)


Nice job!

I love it. It’s very cute. Thanks for doing the swap with me. PS. I’m a non-smoker too. Lol

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HAHA! Good one! We’re non-smokers (leaning to rabid anti-smokers) and TheMisterT has a funny shirt that has a quite small pigeon smoking on it. Animals doing people things is always funny, but doing obviously unbeneficial things is even more so!

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