No Sew Face Mask Tutorials

I recently got asked by my boss if I could sew a bunch of face masks for our staff. This could be a good 50 people. It’s a medical device manufacturer and therefore considered “essential”. Disposable face masks have been ordered, but there’s no telling when they’ll arrive from Asia. Since, I’m crafty, I’m the person who gets asked such things.

I have a sewing machine, but my skills are limited. At best, I can sew 2 squares together. I also don’t think any of my fabrics are tightly woven enough, and my fun prints are meant for other projects. Selfish, I know.

I know there are some no-sew patterns out there. Yeah, I could google them, but I was looking for recommendations for decent patterns. For example, I saw one, where you cut a sock in half and add 2 slits for the ears. I guess that would work in a pinch.

Another caveat, I can’t use anything with natural rubber latex.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Will your boss provide the materials and let you make them while on the clock? It seems unfair of them to ask this of you otherwise. I’ve been sewing some masks for friends and family and it takes materials and a lot of time to make them and I haven’t even made 50 masks.

I would definitely think about the no-sew fabric options out there. This video has 3 options, including an option for using t-shirts as a mask. (The second tshirt mask option, not the ninja mask option. :smile:) really like that one as everyone has t-shirts and it doesn’t harm the shirt, you just tie it and wash it. An endless supply of masks. Perhaps suggest these options to the staff there. The workers could make their own masks from their own shirts or bandanas (or cut up an old sheet). The paper towel version could be modified for fabric and hair elastics so it could be washed and reused.

As for quick sewing options, maybe like your sock pattern, a cut up t-shirt and make ear slits, or a piece of tshirt with ribbon ties sewn down the side on so it could tie around the top of the head and neck?


I’ve been attempting to work from home - mostly doing some research and getting caught up on paperwork. So if I make them, while at home, I’m getting paid, and they’d provide supplies. Or I buy them, and I get reimbursed. I’m certain I could figure out how to sew a mask, but it seems like a lot of work for that many people. Especially, if I could come up with a quick way of making something, without sewing.

Thanks for the video link!

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You’re welcome! And that’s good to hear they would pay you and provide materials. :slight_smile: Best of luck, and I would love to hear what you eventually came up with as a solution. :slight_smile:

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Inserting a filter like paper towel or non-woven interfacing and using more than one layer of whatever fabric the mask is made from are said to increase functionality. Simply folding a square handkerchief over a layer of paper towel and tying around the head seems to me the easiest no-sew option. Anybody can do that and it’s at least as effective is a homemade mask for keeping our germs inside our own mouth areas. Just be sure not to touch the face or the mask without washing hands before and afterwards.

ETA here is an article with a few patterns.

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Here a no sew mask using bandana sized fabric and 2 hair ties.

I have to run into my office tomorrow and I was going to do this.

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Heres a link on how to make a mask with a glue gun. Just randomly showed up on my pinterest feed right after I saw this post.

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@Edel posted a video she made, hopefully she’ll pop in with a link…

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Here is one from a tee shirt… hope I get it posted correctly :laughing:

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