Not Quite Naked German Chocolate Bigfoot Birthday Cake

Not everyone likes a naked cake, but I do. It gives my palate the right amount of sweet frosting and it’s my h-ckin’ birthday!

I’ve been working on redoing our pantry which required emptying it of its entire contents. Thus, I found 2 partial, and one full container of Dutched Chocolate. In the spirit of using and not wasting, I looked for a recipe for my birthday cake that required such. Cooks’ Illustrated’s German Chocolate Cake it is!

In order to jazz it up just a smidgen, I added shortbread cookies! I got the Bigfoot cutter for xmas and had the trees. I used one of those cool textured rolling pins with a faux bois texture that I got as a gift a few years ago.

I used that rolling pin to make two 5s and 0s for a topper - a sandwich cookie situation in order to disguise the 4" skewers. I had wanted to do a little color on the Bigfoot and tree cookies, too, but had… icing issues. Oh well! At least I got some rainbow action on the 50!

You can see the front 5 cracked a bit, but hey… what says “50 years old” more than a little crack? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy birthday! The cake looks fantastic!


Happy birthday! The shortbread texture makes it look like something straight out of your cardmaking! :smile:


Bigfoot!!! I love Bigfoot! This cake is insanely awesome.

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Thanks y’all!

You’re not wrong!

Me, too. He’s pretty great!


Happy Birthday! And, as soon as I saw the bigfoot, I knew who made the cake before I even opened the post :slight_smile:


Amazing and looks delicious!

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Happy birthday to yout
that cake belongs in the wild
It looks like a bigfoot
but the taste is quite mild.


Happiest of birthdays to you! :clinking_glasses::hugs:

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Happy birthday!! The cake looks delish!

You and Mr. Lynx have a lot in common: he loves german chocolate cake and he had a big birthday yesterday (40).

Enjoy your cake and your day!

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Super awesome and so you! Happy 50 Lady!!

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Happy Birthday my Friend! Your cake looks fantastic, and so very, very YOU. :cake: :champagne: :gift:

happy birthday! yummy looking cake.

Your cake looks delish!! Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday, lady! Your cake is fantabulous!

Awwww, thanks so much EVERYONE! It’s a little wonky, but it’ll “eat good”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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Happy birthday :partying_face::tada:
I hope you enjoyed your cake - it looks absolutely delicious :yum:

Happy birthday! :birthday: Your cake looks amazing— hope you had a great day!


That was a lot of cake for 2 people and we just finished it yesterday - almost a full week of cake! Oof.



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