Notepad cover - final fantasy themed

My task was to make a notepad cover. I wanted to try out cork fabric because it looked kind of fun to work with. Used felt to line the notepad cover and a simple pattern I drafted. Since neither cork fabric or felt ravel, it was a very quick sew.

The fun part for me was figuring out a way to make it final fantasy themed. I’m partial to Moogles so that was an easy pick. Drew the outline in permanent ink on clear shrinky dink and then hit it with a heat gun. I then used acrylic paint on the back to color the drawing. I like the way it turned out.


I also loved how you did this cover!! I was wondering what the little tag on the front was…it looks great and now I want to try cork fabric!

Great job and adorable Moogle!

Ooo! Super cool use of cork and shrink plastic!