Notes for Nursing Homes

My mom, @Lynx2Lancer, had me (and my brother) draw pictures to send to nursing homes to make them happy.

I drew sloths, pandas, hippos, axolotols, penguins, and giraffes. My favorite is the panda.


Those are very sweet! What a nice idea.

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You did a great job!! I really like the hippo!

Our local library had a call for smiles on their website and listed 6 nursing homes in our county to send notecards/drawings to, which is what started this project.


Those are cute! I know the recipients will love them!

This is thoughtful of you. It can mean a lot to someone.

Your work is great, I love how expressive their eyes are.

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Those are a lovely idea and very, very cute too.

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Aww, so sweet! :slight_smile: I love the penguin! too cute! :slight_smile: :penguin:

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Thanks, everyone!!! I had some fun drawing all of them!!

These cards are adorable! I know they will brighten someone’s day.

These are so sweet and thoughtful! Beautifully done! The panda is my favourite too :panda_face:

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How wonderful!

What a wonderful project!

These are great. I love the sloths.

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So sweet of you guys to do this for the folks in nursing homes. This project rocks!

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These are fantastic :heart_eyes:

Seriously love the hippo!

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