Notification of link that doesn't apply to me

I am not sure where to share this but… I have now gotten two if these notifications from Lynx2lancer when she has responded with a claim on a swap that I am not in (the top one with the little link symbol). I don’t see my name in her posts and can’t figure out why I am seeing these. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I think it may be happening because in the ATC claim thread, L2L’s theme list links to the photo of her late doggo in a different thread you are a part of (and are maybe Watching?). So when she makes a claim and adds her list, it re-links. I’m not sure how you can turn it off, though.

Ah. Thank you. I will go investigate. If I can’t make it stop, it’s fine. The notifications don’t bother me I just didn’t understand why they were happening. Something new. :slight_smile:

That’s weird. If that’s the case, I can unlink that photo. I just thought that it might be easier better to link than to have the actual photo constantly moving around over and over.

I actually think that you may have linked my comment above your photo. :wink:

Oh, I might have. I was worried about that. I thought I had the correct “page number,” but I will go check and see.

Edit: Yep, that’s what happened. I believe I fixed it. Sorry about that!

It’s perfectly fine. It gave me a little detective play this morning while at work. Don’t tell my boss. :grin:

Detective swap! You guys are good.

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