Nutcracker redo

Hi all!
My daughter has performed several roles in our local Nutcracker performances four years, so I’ve taken to getting her a nutcracker that matches her role. Of course, being me, I can’t stop there and have to customize each so it looks more like my daughter and her actual costume.

My end result first, cuz I’m impatient lol

I started with this nutcracker. I repainted her face and entire body, ripped off the wings, hair bun, and clothes and replaced them with a dress similar to my daughter’s costume. I added two types of doll hair and added a present since her role helped carry out some presents.

I have three more to do and will probably have another one to customize at the end of the year if she lands another role this year. Phew!


What a fun memento!

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What a great way to commemorate your daughter’s roles! Remaking nutcrackers can become an obsession, I know, but making them so personal to her and her experience with the ballet is extra special.

Side Note: We Moderators, love it when the end result pic is first, because the first picture is the thumbnail!


Such a wonderful and personal momento. It turned out really great!

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This is so cute! And what a great idea! Lovely collectibles that show how proud you are of her and how much you love her, all at the same time!

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What a fun way to celebrate your daughter’s performances. I love it!

Sew much love and fun.