Of all my metaphorical art projects, this is by far the coziest

parks & rec has been a part of my now husband and i’s story since the very beginning.
the picture he replied to on my dating profile was of me & my jean-ralphio tote bag, we started dating on “treat yo self day” and it became our comfort show we would watch together (and he likes to pick the most obscure quotes to recall)
we even chose “the way you look tonight” as performed by the show’s fictional band “mouse rat” for our first dance

enter our version of the unity quilt.
with everything else going on with the wedding (and because i have zero chill when it comes to wild quilting ideas) i couldn’t NOT carry on the parks & rec influenced theme and create our own version of leslie’s quilt from the show (https://youtu.be/VeoidpIgCbM?si=qWYrjw2jOWUdyJeb)
while leslie’s appears to be applique and maybe even some puff paint, i decided to go wild and foundation paper piece my blocks. i chose to make my blocks 12" finished (some of which I had to enlarge from smaller patterns) and each one has a different white on white print as the background.
each block represents a member of our immediate family (and my cat trixie) or something specific to our relationship. i did this all in total secret and surprised him with it after our first look :slight_smile:

and because his reaction was exactly what i hoped for, here’s a few from the reveal :slight_smile:


This is just amazing! You look beautiful and the expression on his face says it all.

Beautifully done.

Great idea, and a wonderful quilt! Looks like each square has its own story. Cool that you created not just a quilt, but also a forever-memory for your wedding. The look on his face is priceless!


Such a personalized quilt! It is lovely. I especially love the cat.

You and your husband look so happy on your special day, with the quilt being an added surprise.

Congrats and may you make many more memories!

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This is WONDERFUL! The many parfait layers to the story behind the quilt, the way you presented it to him, the look on his face (thanks so much for sharing these photos). You look stunning to boot!


Great reveal.
Where did you source your pp patterns? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.

But can we talk about how fantastic your dress is? :heart_eyes:

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This is awesome! All of the blocks are great, and I love the cat one!

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Thank you so much! I knew i wanted more fabric detail than embellishment and lace, so when i found this one in my budget, i knew it was too good to not try on!
I found most of the designs from etsy, with a few (mickey head & the atom) from fandom in stitches or a separate designer (flying parrot quilts for the circuit board and angela pingel for the books)

she agrees!


If could give this more hearts I would. 10/10


Omg. I love that you guys bonded over parks and rec and it is AMAZING you made your own unity quilt!!! It’s so so well done and personal and so clear that he loves it!! :heart: You’re awesome.

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That is super cool and funny that you made it from the show. It looks like both Trixie and your hubby love it!

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That’s great! And as someone who also did a blue braid on their wedding day, I also must compliment your hair. :grin:

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How beautiful - both the work and the meaning behind this. The very definition of labor of love!!! How absolutely cool to mesh real life and your favorite couple fandom. :slight_smile: :heart:

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I’m speechless. What an amazing thing! I love that you did this, love everything about it! I especially love that you did it in secret.

Clearly it was a hit!

Thanks for sharing the reaction photos!

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