Off kilter mom series continues

I have finished two more for my mini 2 inch by 2 inch mom series.

Here’s Peg Bundy:

And here’s Mommie Dearest. I remember watching this movie as a kid and thinking this mom aka Joan Crawford was cuckoo :stuck_out_tongue:

“No wire hangers!!!”


These are so good. And this series could go on forever… So many unhinged moms to choose from. :joy:

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Awesome! Peg Bundy is an icon!

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I am so invested in this series. :laughing::heart:

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Thank you @sweets4ever @gozer @sloth003 these have been fun. They’re a bit more time consuming than I thought :sweat_smile: but I’m working on another one and have two more moms in mind for 5 and 6.

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Excellent details! I’m obsessed.

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Thank you!! I’ll be posting two more!