Oh My Gatos!

This took all day and I’m still not 100% in love with it. It’s inspired by my friend Camerina who often says Oh My Gatos! In the cutest voice when she gets excited! It’s also Caturday, so i had to share it today :smile_cat:


Cute! Is this hand drawn or is it done on the computer? You did a wonderful job on all the shading!

That is adorable…such sweet kitties! :heart:

Very cute! I love your adorable kitties. Excellent painting job as well This saying is too cute. I may have to try it out. :smiley_cat:

It’s so cute! And I’m gonna have to start saying “oh my gatos!” because that is fun!

This is super cute! I love it :heart_eyes_cat:

That is ridiculously adorable.

It’s done on my iPad with an Apple Pencil and using procreate. Thanks so much on the comment about sharing. I’ve been specifically working on that as well as stylizing my art.

Thanks so much! I swear I drew like 12 different styles of cats lol

Yes! I’ve gotten to where I say it now too haha

It really is! And she’s absolutely adorable when she says it!


Yay! Thanks so much!


Ok that’s freaking adorable!

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Aaahhh super adorable! Cats are the best!!

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This is darling!

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I think I want an Apple Pencil now :smile:: :wink:

Did you print it?

Great work! And I love that you made this for the fun expression of your friend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m more of a dog person, but we can agree to disagree :joy_cat:

Thanks!! I’m glad you think so!

Nope, I haven’t. I am planning on putting this on a mug for her tho!


I’m so glad you think it’s adorable! I was going for a cute aesthetic!

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Super duper cute!

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LOL @ Caturday! Something tells me that this term and “oh my gatos” will become popular!

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Hahaha thanks chica!

@Jeanne I belong to a daily creating group on Facebook and every Saturday is Caturday or Dogurday :joy:

Very adorable. I hope you will post up when you get the mug done too!

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I would, but I ordered it and am having it shipped to my friends house. I’ll have to see if I can get her to take a good pic :smiley:

This is so adorable!