Old mattress pad snood!

Several neighbors have given me old mattress pads so I can line my thin curtains. This little trailer in New England is a bit drafty!
I am a Waste Not Wont Not person so set the edges aside and pondered what to do with them. I glanced at one of the bigger ones (queen size that wraps far down an extra thick mattress) and decided it was rather fetching material. Most inviting in it softeness. And do I own a snood? No, but now I do and it was easy as pi!

I used the entire piece all 'round and folded it doubl it for extra warmth. A simple seam at the long edges, turn rightside out to hide, and add some wonky french knots

20201129_102725 (3)

made from embroidery floss since I have no yarn or any such fat stuff, and voila, my very own make do fashion.

my hair is happiest in a ponytail so I made a back door for it, lol.

Here is a pic of the rear door window with its bit of unsewn mattress pad wind buffer

And not to be undone, my kitty claimed as a toy the elastic from another cut up pad (I did 12 for 21 windows!!)


Very inventive!


Great idea. I saw the work in progress in the snapshot chat, and the snood came out great, looks wonderfully warm.


I like the additional pizzazz for a functional item. I could easy see this on reddits /frugality!

Also, kitty!!!

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You look so cozy in your new gear! I agree that soft things must be saved.

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It is a great idea to do. The snood one is the best thing you can do.

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