Old-School Friendship Bracelets

All I’ve ever made with embroidery floss is friendship bracelets, and I in fact had quite a floss stash for that hobby back in the day. So when Jennie included embroidery floss in our favors for the '23 Champaign meetup, I joked that I was not going to start up again.

Then I remembered that I mostly need Wearables projects toward my Chameleon badge, so here we are :laughing:.

I made these from the floss Jennie provided. I don’t know the name for this pattern/technique, if it has one, but you knot the first strand* twice with each of the others, then leave it at the end of the row and start with the new first strand. These are both three strands, because historically that’s the most I’ve ever been able to manage in this pattern without mucking it up. Thanks for looking!

*Strand in this case being the entire unseparated piece of floss. I realized that might be confusing given how embroidery floss is traditionally used.


Dang, when I made friendship bracelets a long time ago we just regular-braided string. I don’t remember it being specifically embroidery floss, either.
The red/blue/yellow reminds me of Ernie’s sweater from Sesame Street.

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Mad respect for your skills! IMHO, those bracelets are super hard to make.

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These turned out sweet!

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Those are fun!
Friendship bracelets were my go to craft in high school and in my early twenties. Had a booklet with pattern ideas, and my friend made me a drawstring bag to hold all my floss (I still have it, it’s right here on my desk).

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Yesss! Friendship bracelets never go out of style. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, everybody! Not many of my crafts lend themselves to couch work, so these were a nice change.

I mean, we only had about two patterns beyond braiding – this one and a sort of spiral staircase.

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These take me back…I love them!