Old Watercolor - Still Good? Ever Good?

I have a watercolor tray from the 1980s, maybe early 90s that was my grandmothers. I wonder if that is a thing that goes bad or not. It’s Pelikan brand 66/12. I don’t expect to take up watercolor myself, but I know some folks who do it and would pass it along if it was worthy. If not, I would probably keep the case-thing, because it’s kind of cool.

Try it…it is dried up anyway so add water and see what happens…I still have a kiddie set that I purchased in the early 1980’s! It has just the basic colors but I have used it. Dried up acrylics and oil paints are a different story…

Why didn’t I think to try? I will! But I wouldn’t know if Pelikan is good quality, because I have no idea how it’s supposed to act!

The brand name is a good one if it is the same company that makes fountain pens…does it have a symbol that looks like a pelican sitting on a nest (graphic style not realistic)?

Yup! German. A brief search showed their current things priced a bit lower than a lot of others, so it made me wonder if they weren’t as in demand.

So, I changed my search parameters and on a few lists of recommended watercolors it was not included and on a forum a few different users wouldn’t recommend this brand. So, I will probably not gift it, but maybe I can use it for other projects for colorwashing and whatnot.

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I think maybe it was meant for you…play and have fun…you can do the neatest things! Maybe it is meant to bring out the water color artist in you!



You might find you love it and want to try more :hugs:


Pelikan is a good brand!
Most ink for fountain pens over here used to be Pelikan.

And yes, I think you could still use it.

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I love Pelikan fountain pens! My dad collected them and so do I!

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Thanks everyone!

It should be perfectly fine - you’ll see when you add water whether or not it still dissolves easily. It sounds perfect for playing around and experimenting with! Hope you have a lot of fun :grinning: :art:

Even with old tube watercolour that’s dried up hard, you can still just cut the end off the tube and add some water to it - it’s often still usable.


I’ve got tubes of watercolor from my dad in the 1980’s, and they are just as good as ever.