One Swear Jar to Rule them all

Okay, so this isn’t LOTR themed (though I wish it was…how cool would that be!!!)

I now have a 16yr old and 13yr old in my house (where does the time fly?)

And the swearing has gotten out of control. We swear. It’s just a way of the world, but we swear where swearing is justified. I had always took the stance I’d rather have the kids know what they’re hearing (from friends/YouTube/ etc) than start using a word or phrase and have no idea what the connotations are.

But these days, yikes! They’re basically using swears as punctuation.

Enter the swear jar.

I give them 50 pieces of Monopoly money.
They swear, a piece goes in.
Anything left over at the end of the week I pay them in real $.

I don’t know how well this is going to work…wish me luck!


I l9ve your creativity in both your swear jar system and your decoration. Let us know how it goes!


Nicely decorated swear jar! Hope it solves the problem and also that it doesn’t work SO well that it drives you to bankruptcy.


Very good point on the bankruptcy!

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I will and thanks!

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Great idea!
You must trust them not to get more monopoly money from somewhere…

And I like the divide between essential and recreational swearing.

Hahaha…neat idea, definitely good luck!

We have a similar philosophy towards “adult” words. I’ll never forget in 3rd grade I told my teacher my friends and I were in a club called the “studs.” She kindly told me I might want to consider different club names…


We had a swear jar…only we had to put real money in each time we used a cuss word! If we didn’t have the funds, we had to pay in a chore.

Good luck! Do the adults have to pay as well?


Fun idea. Swears are fine, learning the benefits of control is even better.

There are actually studies about the impactful benefits of cussing. I’m a sailor, lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Swearwolves for life, arrrooooooo!


Hahah! I am a sailor too!!! I try to curb it, but it never works. The jar is a creative solution. Hopefully it will help your kids reel it in. You should make a goal for yourself too! Show your kids that it can be done!

PS. @Magpie, I need that patch! Hahah!


The first time my frenchie gramma cursed in earshot I was 12 & nearly fell over. Turned out she was a spicy little pixie! Runs in the fam, makes me laugh like a 5 year old at a potty joke :smile:


I tend to be more creative with my “cussing “ by using cuss words that aren’t really cuss words. It makes people laugh and often diffuses tense situations.

Good luck with the swear jar- I hope we’ll get updates! :smile: