Ongoing ATC gallery & discussion for 2021

@whistlefish hit the mail jackpot! Wow!!! All of the cards are so gorgeous, and I love seeing all the different techniques everyone is using. I was just thinking the other day that I need to bust out some felt one of these days. It’s so nice to use up all the little odds and ends! I also love how this swap has a bit of everything – fun, cute, pretty, funny – such a fun gallery to scroll through.

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I kind of want to steal ALL of these cards you received. They’re amazing! The annoying bird one made me laugh so hard.

Meanwhile, I received from @Whistlefish myself! Here are two wonderful Pokémon ATCs!!

Speaking of things that made me laugh out loud, the letter that came with this did that for me as well. Sorry for inadvertently signing you up for Pokémon lessons from your kid!! :laughing:

Both of these little cuties are so well done with those soft colored backgrounds; I really love them! (And Sudowoodo’s expression is SO FUNNY!) :slight_smile: And thanks for the extra frame and stickers as well! XD


Yay! I’m glad you like them! When I was looking up pictures of Sudowoodo I found an illustration that someone did and copied it. It was so silly compared to the rest, I loved it!

And yes…she is legit making Pokémon class plans and was talking about it again. I was silently cursing you in my head. :laughing:


Hahahah sorry/notsorry and don’t worry there are only 25 years of history and around 900 Pokémon to study up on; I’m sure you’ll be up to date in no time!! XD

Also for future reference, artistic renditions of photos people take in New Pokémon Snap once it comes out (nifty trailer) would also be AWESOME ATCs that I would happily welcome. XD

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Oh, I know all about Pokémon Snap. My daughter has a countdown until it’s released. :grin::rofl: That’s a great idea for ATCs!

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Administrative notes!!

Today is the last day to claim! Get your last minute fun in before we close. :grin:

I’ve updated the first page with everything I have, but please check the claims post and let me know if you have send or received anything not marked there! (Remember you should be messaging me when you get things, not just posting in the gallery!!)


And on a more fun note— gosh, @fluffypants, your interactive cards are amazing!

And I got this lovely good rock card from @Reinikka in yesterday’s mail:


Hooray!!! The rock card has been giving me anxiety :stuck_out_tongue: Glad that snail mail finally got to you!!! :laughing:

All the cards this round have been so great! I’m terrible at commenting on them though (sorry!) You are all amazing! I love the talent and variety in our gallery :heart_eyes:

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I’m terrible at commenting, too! I usually check LC on my phone, but prefer to comment when I can type on my computer! I love this swap! There are so many cool themes and techniques!

I received a mushroom themed card from @Reinikka! Very pretty, thank you! :blush:


I got this amazing interactive Pokémon card from @fluffypants!!

Pull the tab to reveal the answer!

It’s so cute and well done, and the meme linked with it really made me laugh as well! The pull tab is really well done and feels quite sturdy! And Clefairy is so CUTE!

Also, I don’t know how fluffypants read my mind and discovered my childhood Beatles obsession, but here’s the card it came in!

Thanks so much!!


Childhood Beatles obsession? Fluffypants knows all. :wink:

Actually… I just have a healthy Beatles obsession myself and picked up those notecards at Michaels years ago. I’ve been hoarding them since!

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I got not one but two ATCs from @roler in the past two days! :grin:

Here’s the first one:

It’s an inspirobot quote and it’s so good! :joy: Definitely made me laugh. I love your attention to detail: fish themed card, fish washi tape on the envelope, fish stamps! Love it. Thank you!

Here’s the next one:

Smeargle! For my daughter of course. I love how you said it was a pretty random Pokémon and I showed it to Luna just to see if she’d know it and of course she did. :laughing: “That’s Smeagle! It’s a normal type Pokémon and has special paint on its tail that he puts around that can only be seen with special glasses.*” She has also informed me that it’s only 58 more days until Pokémon Snap comes out. :wink: Thank you for the Pokémon! It has been adopted by the daughter. :blush:

Also…8 bit themed Washi tape to go with Pokémon. Nice! With a scooby doo stamp which is my son’s current obsession.

Thanks @roler!!


Oh yay, I’m glad you like them! XD And wow, your daughter really knows her stuff! XD Heeee, I’m so glad she’s looking forward to Snap! :slight_smile:

I did my best with the washi tape, but credit for the stamps (on all of my letters for the last year, actually) goes to my mom. She prides herself on her selection of commemorative stamps, so whenever I have some mail ready to go out, I ask her to stamp it, and give her some possible themes to choose from. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey, that’s a good deal! Stamps add up!! Aren’t moms the best? Lol

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Sorry everyone, but I got the best ATC this round :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I mean… all the ATCs have been great and wonderful but I got a bit of nostalgia, home-sickness, memories, et cetera all wrapped up together in this beautiful card from @Whistlefish :heart: and sorry/not sorry but I’m including stories and reference material :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But first the ATC! “Metolius River” in watercolors :heart_eyes:

I don’t know why I didn’t add that theme sooner! And next round I’m going to add all of Central Oregon to my list because I have major home-sickness now! :sob: I used to live by this river, I used to be able to walk out my front door and go right on down to this river, I used to wade to “islands” and “fish” in this river! My mom and I started vacationing there once a year but missed going in 2020 (because… 2020…) And I miss it so!

Anyway… here is the reference for the beautiful watercolor painting.

And since I’m already on the soap box here’s a picture I took a few years ago of a different part of the river:

aaaaaaand here’s one of my favorite pictures of the river :wink: It’s from the first year I was able to share it with my baby! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you @Whistlefish :kissing_heart: This ATC is really special to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Such a pretty ATC and such a special one too! :blush:

Aw! I’m glad you loved it! As soon as I looked it up I feel in love with that place and I’ve never even been there. Now you know why I was so sad it hadn’t showed up yet!! I’m glad it got to you safe and sound. :yellow_heart:

@whistlefish you are so talented with the watercolors! What a beautiful tribute of a special place for @Reinikka!

This beautiful tufted titmouse arrived in my mailbox today. I love it so much!

Thanks @WiccadWitch!


That’s so good!! It’s shimmery looking almost. Is it shimmery?