Ongoing ATC swap gallery/discussion for 2022

Oh. My. Goodness. @curiousfae those cherry blossoms are absolutely stunning! I’m in awe!!!


The dino is very cute, and the cherry blossoms are gorgeous!


Signed up for May!

That Dino is Dino-mite! :relaxed:


I think I’ll skip May. It’s crazy at school, and this first week has been hard. We had a death in the family and a few other things happening.


Sorry to learn that @Lynx2Lancer :frowning:

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Hope you will be back in the summer, @Lynx2Lancer!

Well, I returned from a long trip (went to New York and Maine to see my sister), and came back to find SIX wonderful ATCs in my mailbox!

You guys really outdid yourselves. Each one is so unique and cool. Thanks so much!!!

First one I opened was this adorable bunny in a bowl from @jellybean. I totally LOVE rabbits, and this one is so cute! She says it is based on a photo she took at a fair, and that the bunny was sleeping in their food dish. The musical background is also cool; it makes me think of the bunny sleeping despite the boisterous carnival going on around it. (It also came enclosed in an adorable kitten card.)

Next, I opened this colorful and intricate abstract ATC from @Cindy. I love her zentangles! Every section has different patterns/bright colors. Don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but there is a small section that is done in glittery inks. It adds a lot of visual interest. So cool! Not sure how she intended for it to be oriented, but I like it turned this way.

Next up, this awesome flying owl in shades of gray and orange from @Lynx2Lancer. I was so excited that she chose my dream imagery theme. The owl is super cool and mysterious! She says she saw an owl flying, and then dreamed of it. She believes it may relate to her hope to teach art. :crossed_fingers: I hope so, too! I love the way she did the wing feathers and face of the owl, and the pale grey setting makes it feel very dream-like.

Next, I opened this super fun mixed media one, “Unicorn Life” from @GeekyBookworm. It’s for my windows and doors theme. She says she made the background some time ago, and added the window frame to it. I love the purple and teal and metallic base, and all the interesting elements (ferns, unicorn, tea light…) that she added. The window frame itself is also cool, with varied shades of brown and some wood-graining lines. So sweet! It was enclosed in a hand-made envelope.

Next up, this adorable wee piglet from @gozer. I love the strong color contrast of the bright piggie on the vivid-dark background. And its little nose is so sweet! See its little tongue? I’m thinking those are watercolor washes with fine-tipped marker details, right? Gozer draws such amazing animals!

The last one I opened made me squeal a little. I am finally the proud owner of a Kwality monster! This is Hank, created by @Kwality570. It’s got so many layers of color and texture and detail, I’m actually a little astounded by it. The background is a fine-textured metallic. Hank’s body has wonderful shadows and highlights, and the horns have three or four colors as well as sketched detail lines. Hank’s tongue is the same kind of multicolor marvel. And the outline is a raised, shiny paint (?) Hank has a good forever home here!

I was overwhelmed as I opened each tiny masterpiece in my mailbox. All of these ATCs are well-loved and will be treasured additions to my growing collection. You guys all rock!!!


Oh @gozer’s pig is ADORABLE and who doesn’t love a @Kwality570 monster.

You have the ATC I made sitting the same way I did in my picture.


Its all Copic markers. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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And yes, @Kwality570’s monsters have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. They are magically little masterpieces.

I received two super cool cards from @GeekyBookworm for my Star Wars theme.
First (and my favorite of the two) is of three planets from Star Wars, Tattooine, Endor & Naboo.

ANd next is this super glittery card of Endor. I love Endor. It’s where the Ewoks live!


Ooooh, they are both cool, but I love the first one so much! It has a very poster-graphic feel for me.


Yeah. And I loved how the colors were all different to represent each world, yet worked well with each other.


@GeekyBookworm The triptych of the planets is fabulous! And to think it’s all in such a small area. Which just makes it that much more impressive. :star_struck:


Thank you! I felt that doing more than one planet would work better than just one.


Yesterday I received this colorful artist choice atc from @cindy.

Thank you!


I received this beauty from @Cindy.

And I received this wonderful map from @thanate.

They’re both great! Thanks!


Beautiful map @thanate! Thoughtful sentiment

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From @gozer
Champ at hula hooping!
The crypto monster of Lake Champlain.

She’s beautiful. And sweet. And so talented! Look at her go!


OMGosh that hula hooper is adorable!!


That must be a big hoop :rofl:

From @thanate … perfect camouflage, these stinkers are hard to spot when sitting.

From @Lynx2Lancer … optical illusion