Ongoing ATC Swap Gallery/discussion for 2023

@Juju sent me this ATC for my pick 3 theme!
Collage, assemblage, buttons.
Isn’t it beautiful? It’s like coral.
Thank you, Juju!


I received two lovely ATCs right before I was headed for my follow up post skin cancer surgery appointment! (all is well, btw!). Put me in a positive frame of mind and after the visit, the whole day seemed brighter!

First, I love both sayings…second, both are beautifully executed with nice workmanship and details…third, both made me smile. They will be hanging on my bulletin board for a few weeks (or months, if I forget…) before adding them to my ATC book. Thank you both!

From @irid3sc3nt …an old timey saying with a beautiful note on why this was chosen…also, some lovely lace to use! Also, keeping the envelope…look at all of those adorable stamps!

From @fluffypants …ha ha ha A reminder not to be a Miserable Cow…what a great saying! Cows make me laugh and yes, I am one of those people who has to point out every cow when I am driving through the country in a car…cow…cow…cow…


Heh, yeah… I have a bunch of stamps still after passing along a bunch of them.

Hilarious ATC @fluffypants. Do you have your own typewriter that you used?

I would love to find a typewriter someday! For now I use a set of alphabet stamps with a holder. It would be so nice not to have to dig through all the letters to find the right ones. :joy:

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Oh cool. They look like typewriter letters! I see at least one typewriter every time I go to the antique store, but I have no idea where to get a replacement ink ribbon or any replacement parts, really. Hmm… I wonder if I still have my alphabet stamps :thinking:

April swap is up:


I received this wonderful card from @fluffypants for my Labyrinth theme! It is the little worm that invites Sarah inside for a cup of tea. :slight_smile: The background says ‘come inside and meet the missus’ I love it, thank you so much! :blush:


I received this great card from @megwell , its from my storybook theme. She chose to do the story, " Stone Soup". And this wonderful altered gift card holder card! What a great idea! The ATC fits right into the slots. Thank you! I love it!


It looks like it’s in the style of Lois Ehlert or Eric Carle. Very cool illustration! There’s so many renditions of that story, pretty sure I have one on my bookshelf.


@Juju, glad you like it! And sorry for the excessive amount of tape in the packing. I got really fixated on making sure it was sealed up because I was putting it out for the mail carrier on a rainy day. And I don’t even think there’s anything water-reactive on it :woman_facepalming:t2:.

I also received from @irid3sc3nt for my “make a card in one of YOUR themes” theme. She made this '80s scratch and sniff sticker inspired card.

According to her research, Yumbo is both a place in Colombia and a Burger King sandwich :laughing:. Thanks, Carissa!!


Received this wonderful ATC for my insect collection from @thanate!

It’s got a lovely shine to make up for the icky name of the dung beetle… :rofl:


I received my forest card from @thanate. It’s a forest from above. I love this idea. Thank you so much!


Two from Juju!


I received two ATC’S today! One from @irid3sc3nt which was a spring time momiji doll and one from @Lynx that was my Spring theme . Thank you so much!
From @irid3sc3nt

And from @Lynx


Here is my ATC from @Lynx for my slice of cake theme. You see, the slice of cake had been eaten so this is what is left. In actuality, the first ATC which was the wedge of cake did not arrive. I think it’s a funny way to continue the story of the missing piece.

Lynx2Lancer has been teaching color value and Wayne Thiebaud cakes to her 2nd and 3rd grade classes so this was an excellent theme for her.

I like the bright colors, it would be a fun cake to eat!


I like it when there is a story! At least you got the biggest part left! lol


Right? Not bad to get almost the whole cake. :grin:

Actually, the wedge of cake was missing in the other, too, but this cake looks like it “tastes” much better. :slight_smile:


A little good thing from @megwell:


Oh yum. Those dotted letters are so great.

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