Ongoing ATC Swap Gallery/discussion for 2023

So clever!

I received from @Lynx for my “technique you’ve wanted to try” theme. The background is printed with a leaf/some leaves. I can’t imagine where she got the idea that I like sarcastic quotes :wink:.

Thanks, Laura!


From @irid3sc3nt for movie monsters

She was inspired by the aliens in the new Wes Anderson movie and the song ‘Indian Love Call’ by Slim Whitman.

Movie monsters AND a fun soundtrack are the best!

This is so fun. Thank you!


I got this cool postage stamp person from @irid3sc3nt!
Love the background sky. Thanks!


I received two ATCs while on vacation in the PNW.

From @geekgirl for my zetti art theme. The ATC is laying on the card she sent. Gelli print?

And the stickers on the envelope remind me of the paintings by Vanessa Stockard that feature her cat, Kevin.

From @kayrun for my big wedge of cake theme…YUMMMY! The ATC is laying on the card she sent. Die cut, maybe?

Thank you, ladies! :two_hearts:


New month, new ATCs! Let’s keep the creativity going through this last HOT summer month!

Sign ups for August here!


I don’t think I have a spot and/or time for August, but thank you for hosting!

this is so cool!
now I want to try that technique

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oh my goodness!
how creative is that??
great job, @irid3sc3nt

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Join the Aug swap!!!


yay, glad it arrived!
I actually purchased the card at a local craft show, so your guess is as good as mine on the technique :slight_smile:

and I really like that zetti one, @geekgirl

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From @thanate for pretty weeds
Titled Happiness in the company of oaks

White oak
Pennsylvania oak sledge
Partridge berry
White wood aster

It’s so lovely!!!


It’s lovely! :slight_smile:

@thanate This reminds me of a children’s picture book called Home in the Woods. On one page two of the children go through the woods and the older child tells the younger one what flowers are blooming. In turn the picture book reminds me of Little House in the Big Woods.

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This is so pretty

I haven’t been to the mail in a few days. I may get there today. I’m sick so it’s putting a stop to everything I have going on.
We have one of those big community mailboxes in case you’re wondering why I’m not going to the end of my driveway.


Hope you feel better soon.


I hope you feel better soon!


I be checking in and stuff. Here is a checkmark :ballot_box_with_check: to prove it!

I didn’t know that I couldn’t PM the organizer to sign up until I reached trust level 1 (doubtlessly covered in a tutorial or something that I didn’t read), so, I was getting pretty frustrated… :sob: This site is kind of confusing to navigate/use for me, compared to Craftster, I be getting old and befuddled! :grin:


I remember you from craftster. So glad you found us here. It’s quite different, but super easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. (Formerly BigBangMomma). Hope you take the tutorials, which help, and check it all out.