Ongoing Ornament Swap 2020 Discussion and Gallery

Let’s talk about ornaments and show off our goodies!

Claim Thread

We’ve had a lot of great ornaments claimed and made! Here’s a look at some of them! Many more are still being made and sent!


:mailbox: sent
claim completed
:snowflake: contact me please

AuFish 11 claimed/11 sent/11 received + Angeled for roler!
1.lynx2lancer for zazzles due Oct 11
2. enymion for something guitar due Oct 14
3. roler for weird sea creature due Oct 16
4. lifeinpigtails for pinterest surprise due Oct 29
5.roler for midevil manuscript monster due Oct 27
6. AudiobookLover for nativity due Nov 2
7. riechen for Harry Potter with Christmas hats due Nov 9
8. Prickly for something rainbow due Nov 11 (assuming rec’d per tracking info)
9. Tapestry for Harry Potter due Nov 23
10. marionberries for stars/celestial due Nov 24
11. saintcady for hedgehogs due Dec 6
Angel to roler due Dec 13. Thank you!

endymion 9 claimed/9 sent/ 9 received
1.AuFish for goldfish/koi due Oct 11
2.Lynx2Lancer for RBG due Oct 13
3.roler for Animal Crossing due Oct 14
4.roler for D&D due Oct 24
5.AudiobookLover for photo inspired due Oct 26
6.marionberries for cooking utensils due Oct 29
7.riechen for cute animals in hats due Nov 6
8.marionberries for not your usual santa due Nov 18
9. curiousfae for retro Christmas due Nov 25

roler 11 claimed/11 sent/11 received

  1. endymion for cat/rabbit due Oct 11
  2. Lynx2Lancer for Animal Crossing due Oct 14
  3. AuFish for birds due Oct 14
  4. Lynx2Lancer for snowman due Oct 20
  5. lifeinpigtails for animals in hats due Oct 24
  6. AudiobookLover for Christmas due Oct 26
  7. Lynx2Lancer for 2020 due Oct 26
  8. endymion for D&D due Oct 31
  9. Tapestry for Pickle the Hedgehog due Nov 1
  10. AuFish for gaming due Nov 2
  11. lifeinpigtails for ugly sweater due Nov 10

Lynx2Lancer 13 claimed/ 13 sent/ 13 received

  1. roler for Christmas Cat due Oct 12
  2. endymion for RGB due Oct 14
  3. AuFish for birds due Oct 17
  4. endymion for Christmassy due Oct 26
  5. lifeinpigtails for loteria due Oct 27
  6. AudiobookLover for quilting due Oct 28
  7. marionberries for holidayized plant due Nov 1
  8. AudiobookLover for Cozy Winter Scene due Nov 2
  9. Tapestry for 2020 due Nov 10
  10. lifeinpigtails for pinterest inspired due Nov 18
  11. AuFish for birthday ornament due Nov 24
  12. saintcady for Doctor Who due Nov 25
  13. Tapestry for blue character from Among Us due Dec 14.

lifeinpigtails 7 claimed/7 sent/ 7 received

  1. roler for weird sea creature due Oct 24
  2. AuFish for pinterest inspired due Oct 27
  3. Lynx2Lancer for 2020 due Oct 28
  4. roler for animals due Nov 1
  5. endymion for baking due Nov 6
  6. Tapestry for 2020 due Nov 10
  7. endymion for board games due Nov 18

AudioBookLover 8 claimed/8 sent/ 8 received

  1. endymion for bird due Oct 24
  2. roler for Crafty Theme due Oct 26
  3. Lynx2Lancer for snowman due Oct 28
  4. marionberries for camping due Nov 2
  5. Lynx2Lancer for hummingbirds due Nov 2
  6. AuFish for dinosaur due Nov 9
  7. Lynx2Lancer for 2020 due Nov 24
  8. Whistlefish for 2020 due Nov 30

marionberries 12 claimed/12 sent/ 12 received

  1. AuFish for stars/holly due Oct 29
  2. roler for colorful/quirky snowman due Oct 31
  3. lifeinpigtails for gnomes due Nov 2
  4. Tapestry for Harry Potter due Nov 8
  5. Tapestry for typewriter/book due Nov 16
  6. AuFish for well-fed birds due Nov 24.
  7. AudiobookLover for quilting related due Nov 25
  8. curiousfae for winter due Nov 29
  9. aimr for insects due Nov 30
  10. saintcady for techy/computer/circuits due Dec 4
  11. mel for snowmen/winter due Dec 10.
  12. Whistlefish for son/daughter due Dec 13.

Tapestry 9 claimed/9 sent/9 received

  1. Lynx2Lancer for remote learning 1 due Nov 1
  2. lifeinpigtails for balloon animal due Nov 6
  3. AudiobookLover for animals in Christmas gear Nov 9
  4. Lynx2Lance for remote learning 2 due Nov 10
  5. AuFish for goldfish/koi due Nov 12
  6. Lynx2Lancer for woodpecker due Nov 19
  7. Lilyleaper for snowy scene due Dec 4
  8. marionberries for artist choice due Dec 10.
  9. RagingSloth for crafting due Dec 13.

riechen 2 claimed/ 2 sent/2 received

  1. roler for guinea pigs due Nov 5
    2. marionberries for little houses due Nov 8

prickly :snowflake: 1 claimed/unknown/unknown :snowflake:

  1. roler for Pokemon due Nov 11

curiousfae 3 claimed/3 sent/ 3 received

  1. marionberries for artist choice due Nov 25
  2. Lynx2Lancer for Lettuce Craft due Nov 27
  3. marionberries for little houses due Nov 29

saintcady 3 claimed/3 sent/ 3 received

  1. endymion for covid/2020 due Nov 25
  2. AudiobookLover for photo inspired due Dec 4.
    3.Tapestry for Pinterest/HP due Dec 4

Whistlefish 3 claimed/3 sent/3 received

  1. curiousfae for Christmas Carols due Nov 29
  2. aimr for books/reading/library due Nov 30
  3. RagingSloth for sloths due Dec 13.

mel 2 claimed/2 sent/2 received

  1. Whistlefish for Christmas trees due Nov 29
    2. AuFish for stars/holly due Dec 10.

aimr 3 claimed/ 3 sent/ 3 received
1. mel for artist choice due Nov 30
2. marionberries for maybe little houses due Nov 30.
3. ragingsloth for maybe sloth due Dec 11.

lilyleaper 1 claimed/ 1 sent/ 1 received
1. marionberries for little houses due Dec 4

RagingSloth 3 claimed/3 sent/3 received

  1. Tapestry for pinterest inspired due Dec 11.
  2. HeroicHatchling for # 2 sea creatures due Dec 12.
  3. marionberries for ocean themed due Dec 13.

[u]HeroicHatchling] 1/1/1

  1. AIMR for gnomes due Dec 12
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I have never done an OWS so I figure this may be a good one to try.

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Happy to have you! If you have any questions, let me know! I really like the ongoing style because you can choose who to claim and how many claims you feel comfortable making.

Happy swapping!

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Sending my Q now! :smiley:


Excited about this one! I’ll be juggling 3 swaps, so lots of crafting in October for me!


It has been quite awhile since I’ve been in an ongoing type swap. Hopefully I won’t mess up to much.


I’m still super intimidated by ongoing swaps, but I signed up for this one! :slight_smile:


I’m browsing 2020 ornaments on Etsy, and even though I don’t cuss, I just just purchased this beauty for my tree because it sums up the year.


Hahaha! Agree with the sentiment!

I finished my ornament for @AuFish last night. Just need to package it and send it. On to the next claim! :smile:

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You’re a machine! I have a few pieces together for your $5 swap. I need to get going before I claim here. Early claiming is great, except when you’re hoping to be underway with your other swaps …

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Sometimes, I like to juggle projects. :grin:
When you are working on 4 things at once, you never get bored!!!

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Hoping to squeeze out a little more crafting time tonight. I’m trying not to make another claim until it is almost finished.

I’m trying to resist claiming Roler. Those themes are SO fun, but I probably ought to put the brakes on more claims until I finish up some other swaps…

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I’d tell you to give in to temptation, but that seems a bit self-serving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really wanted to claim @endymion back for RBG, and when inspiration struck, I did! Working on it now! I just purchased a pattern to work on my ornament for @roler.


Aww, thanks! I’m hoping to get started on my ornament for @endymion soon. Still mulling over different possibilities for @Lynx2Lancer’s Animal Crossing theme!


I’m brimming with craft energy lately! Already got another ornament almost finished, and have the next one all planned.

I might be neglecting my household chores a little bit… but hey, I have craft deadlines! :laughing:


I definitely get it! Right now my only problem is that my craft stash is a MESS right now, and so unorganized I’m having trouble finding on specific supply I KNOW I have… fortunately I’ve still got some time to find it!!

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Ooooh, I can relate to that. I hate it when I know I have something and just can’t figure out where it is at the moment.

Inevitably, after I’ve bought something new and used some of it, then I find what I was looking for!