"Open Swaps" link on top toolbar?

I love the teal colored tool bar on the top of the page. In addition to News, Craft Challenges, Featured Projects, and Help Desk, could we add a link that would show the swaps that are currently open for signups? I would love for everyone to access those open swaps with one easy click. We could call it “open swaps” or “current swaps” for short, unless you like the “Swaps that are currently open for signups” wordy version.

Please and thank you for all you do! :heart:


Great suggestion…I had trouble finding the swaps…

So did I! :thinking:

I like this idea too.
Open swaps sounds like a good option to me

I agree!

I love this idea!! I will get this implemented.


Yay! Thank you so much!!!

Any chance you could name it the “racky open swap link”?
Asking for a friend.


Love this idea but the grey on teal is super hard to read, especially on mobile. And the double “hamburger” menu is a little weird

Thank you for this feedback! Could you please share a screen capture of what you see as your mobile view? On my mobile view, the menu pops out as white with blue font. On dark theme, the menu pops out as dark grey with blue font. The text isn’t actually placed on the teal itself.

As for two hamburgers themselves, I’m always open to suggestions. Do you have a proposed, alternative idea to offer for the navigation menus?

So weird. Every time I tried to do that wording with your name in it, the entire site crashed. What a sticky wicket. :smile: Tell your friend I am so sorry!

BUT. It did let me add this one:

My Samsung Android Galaxy 10 is also teal and I can’t read anything on it. I have to hit the hamburger to see the words…the hamburger underneath is for different things: latest, unread, badges, etc.

I also see teal and grey on my computer at the top but blue and white everywhere else on the site, like in the reply boxes…

That’ll do! Thanks so much!!


Same for me. That is performing as expected for us. Sounded like Animegirlie might see some text there, though, hmm.

Yeah, I had no idea that it wasn’t working :smiley:

My phone is dead most of the time now that I am retired… yay

Sorry, crazy busy day and didn’t see this until just now. I see:

Could it be the dark setting?

This is what I see on my S10

If I turn phone sideways I get the full thing.
The difference might be that although I’m using my phone I still use the desktop version of the site.