Operation Use Up Yarn : Growing a Pumpkin Bear Patch!



I made some changes with how I did the nose. Since I am using cotton yarn, I split it in half so it was thinner and worked the nose. I also decided they didn’t need embroidered mouths because it is hard for me to do and I don’t think it looks nice when I do it. I am getting better at plumping their pumpkin bodies. Fun fact: I have practically memorized this pattern. Surprised? Not much.


In my Operation Use Up Yarn adventures today, I decided it was time to deviate from scarves and start some amigurumi. I had found this pattern for a crochet “Pumpkin Bear” by Kathleen Stuart on I forget the website (I had to create a free profile), but today I found it here if you’d like to make your own.

I have a full skein of orange, and lots of tan/brown yarns, so I will be building a whole pumpkin patch of these darling bears! I will not create a new post for each one, but will add on to it here.

I used a G hook, but I could have gone down a hook size or two because the holes are larger than they need to be. Also, I didn’t really have the safety eyes in the right size, so I just made my own. I thought about using felt, but didn’t want to have any of you following this adventure waiting any longer to see what today’s make was!

This was the first amigurumi I’ve made that I started in rounds (head), then worked rows to make the pumpkin design.

This project did not use up hardly any yarn, but isn’t he cute?

Pumpkin everything, even in February, right?

(The whale tale is my screensaver, and I took this picture on a whale boat tour in Massachusetts a couple years ago. We had a very lucky and wonderful tour seeing lots of whales that day!)


Very cute!

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cute pumpkbear!
I’m enjoying your yarn updates.

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So cute! What a fun way to use up yarn.

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What a cuddly cutie!

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There are now 2 bears in the Pumpkin Bear patch!


Three bears now live in my patch!

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They are very cute!!!

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Now there are 6!