Operation Use Up Yarn - Lettuce Craft 4x6 Art Piece!

Now that @LuckyXIIICreations has received, I can share this fun 4x6 piece I created for Round 3 of the 4x6 swap! I was inspired by @steiconi’s suggestions to work on Operation Use Up Yarn in a different way, so I created this fun Lettuce Craft inspired plastic canvas piece! It didn’t use up much yarn, but it was fun to make! (The lettuce piece was embroidery thread.)


Wow, I just pictured you glueing some yarn to a card or something. This is cool!

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ha ha What a fun way to take up a challenge…even though it was not a lot of yarn, it was still yarn, so good for you!

I like the 3-D of the lettuce on the 4x6…

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I like the idea of plastic canvas as, well, canvas! Cool beans!

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How fun!! :leafy_green:

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The ribbing on the lettuce is perfect!

Your lettuce is very pretty in that dark green!

What a clever idea!

Well, would you just take a look at that! :star_struck: This crafted-up awesomeness is a Featured Project this week. CONGRATS! :confetti_ball:

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Wow! Thanks!

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We need all the Lettuce projects!