Operation Use Up Yarn -- Maroon Scarf and Hat Set

Operation Use Up Yarn is in business again! My gym teacher friend said if I made a scarf with my maroon yarn, he would wear it (school colors are maroon and gold). I had a mishmash of colors, so I went with this striped scarf. It repeats 4 rows of 18 maroon hdc, 3 rows white sc, 2 rows dark maroon dc, 3 rows white sc, then start back over with the hdc.

I still had a lot of yarn left, but had to stop because it was getting long. I haven’t measured, but it is at least as long as the rest of the scarves in this operation.

I decided to make a matching hat. I used up the hdc maroon yarn at the top of the hat, but still have white and dark maroon left.

I hope he wants the hat, too, and indeed likes this!


Looks like a perfect set!

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Fantastic idea!!! I’m sure he’ll like it!!!

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Maroon and white! (clap, clap!) We’re outta sight! (clap, clap!)

Those are my high school colors - so to me, it looks good.


You are a yarn machine!

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Using yarn and taking names!

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Stripes never get old, great job stash busting!

Yay for using up yarn and giving a gift to a friend! It looks wonderful and cozy, not to mention very spirited.