Operation Use Up Yarn Scarf 2

I have not been interested in crocheting in many years, so my stash of yarn has been sitting untouched. I recently decided it was time that I either do something with it or donate it. I started with this scarf, then decided to get out my thicker chunky yarn and work with that because it will clear out space faster!

I really have no idea why I had even purchased this chunky yarn. It’s kinda a school color, so maybe I was going to do something with that in mind. I really don’t know. I used this chunky squishy crochet pattern which I liked. It is very forgiving for making slight stitch mistakes. I appreciate that.

(It’s late at night so the color is not true. The picture below is more correct.)

I used some more of my grandma’s white yarn to break up the solid color.

I am glad I added the fringe on the edges. The scarf measures about 63" inches long without the fringe and 75" inches with the fringe.


Good for you using up your stash!! Mine will sit in its giant tub waiting for me to go through a crochet phase again. It happens every couple years or so. Lol

Love the fringe on this scarf! And the idea to break up the color with the white. It’d be perfect for Christmastime.


I have a slight ulterior motive: Once I free up this yarn bin, I can put other things in it.


Way to bust that stash! This looks so comfortable and warm.

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NEW yarn?

No, my craft stuff in my bedroom is overflowing, so I’ll probably rearrange. Since I don’t have a craft room, my stuff is everywhere. That yarn bin is in the garage.

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Stash busting FTW!! The scarf looks so warm and smooshy!

Looks very warm and comfy!

If anyone wants it for themself or to give as a gift, send me a pm! I don’t wear scarves!

It looks so warm and cozy!