Operation Use Up Yarn - Snappy Carrot and Bitty Bunny

I found this pattern for this carrot and bunny in “The Big Book of Little Amigurumi,” and decided to use up some of my orange yarn making this Spring project instead of a pumpkin bear.

Inside the carrot is the pattern for a small, kind of strange looking bunny.

I did not have safety eyes so I chose some funky purple eyes to match the felt nose I sewed on. Even though I shared my turtle first, this was actually the first time I used felt and snaps for eyes. I like it! I like the cute little felt nose, too.

The pattern doesn’t show how the pieces of the carrot fit together and close, and since it didn’t really close, I decided to add 4 snaps to it.

Now, it can be filled with fun goodies like the ones I sent to and surprised @MightyMitochondria with in the Little Good Things swap!

Here’s the carrot all stuffed up!

Thanks for looking!


Um, I’m just gonna say it. That is one homely bunny.
But the carrot is cute.


Homely, but so darn cute!
Love the wee thing and its giant carrot sleep sack :slight_smile:


@steiconi @loves2experiment Yes, I agree. I think a big part of why I never really created the amigurumi from this book is because many are kinda odd looking.

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I think the bunny is cute, he just has short ears. I love that he comes with a carrot bed. I love it when stuffiest come with accessories.

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Pretty dang cute altogether!

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That is just adorable!

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How cute!

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How fun! I like that you can add goodies along with the bunny inside the carrot! It’s perfect for spring.

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This is so quirky and adorable! I love how you adapted it to make it work so well!

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Thanks so much everyone!

Look how my sweet girl is using your carrot to make Easter Pikachu! :yellow_heart::orange_heart:

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So cute!!