Ornaments for Ongoing Swap

Here are a few ornaments I made for the 2021 Ongoing Ornament Swap:

Rainbow paint brush for @lifeinpigtails:

Paintbrush is metallic vinyl; bristles are embroidery thread. Embellished with various trims and sequins.

Frog for @AuFish:

Crocheted frog, inserted into a glass bauble. Sequin confetti scattered inside.

Last for now, a Tetris ornament for @photojenn :

This one is vinyl, felt, and sequins (I do love my sequins, especially for ornaments!). The sequins spell “JOY”.

Lots of fun ornaments this year!


Those are all great! I’m impressed you were able to get the lil froggy in there!

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Such a variety! I also love the little frog in the glass ornament…he must be squishy!

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These are so fun!

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What fun ornaments! Love how your mind works :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! I love the tetris one - “joy” is a great touch!

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These are all amazing! What a clever idea to add sequins to the paintbrush for texture.

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I fell for that frog but the paintbrush? Brilliance!