Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

We needed some new ornaments for the tree and my goal is not to buy anything new for the next few weeks so I broke out some paint, twine and ribbon. The wood rounds came from some cuttings off of our tree from the spring.

I like how they turned out. Going to make more and convert my tree into a cute little woodlands tree.


Those are really cute!

A woodlands tree would be adorable!
Your ornaments are so cute!

These are so cute!

Welcome! These are lovely!

These are really nice and you did a great job on the lettering.

Adorable! Your hand lettering is so neat. They are very cute, and the fact that they came from your own tree is lovely. :slight_smile:


Adorable and really special.

Terrific idea! Only I would add in some with color like maybe a bright maybe even an iridescent array of colors to enhance the string of lights. Hope I haven’t offended by making that suggestion but the artist side of me is addicted to color. A couple of days ago, I ordered a Bohemian-style colorful table cloth…need I say more?

I usually love color, too, but I feel like the simplicity of the chalk-on-a-blackboard vibe really works for the rustic wood.

My tree is a riot of color! But I do have some ornaments that are pure white, and I love them, too. I don’t think I could ever do a tree that stuck to a single color scheme… :crazy_face:

We have two trees. One looks like a rainbow vomited. This one is more subdued