Oscar Veggie Bag

Embroidered reusable veggie bag. I started the project in January 2019 and completed July 2022. Oscar is filled with french knots, turkey work eyebrows, and satin stitch eyes and mouth.

I hope to complete a series of veggie bags, colors representing types of veggies to fill with. For example, this bag will be for green vegetables like broccoli, broccolini, or zucchini.

I used my Cricut to cut the pattern pieces, transferred with a blue water-soluble pen. The image is from Etsy, purchased from WhiteSVGBricks.


Wow! How long did that take? Looks great, and looks like it must have taken hours and hours.

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So well done and what a time commitment!

Welcome to LC!

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I love him!! That turkey work is epic!

Welcome to our community!! :grin:

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I would love a set of veggie bags like this! Great idea!

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very cool!

do you use these in the store? do you do tare weight, or pay veggie prices for your own bag? How does that work? Maybe dump the veggies on the scale, then put them back in the bag?

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Thanks, this project was my first use of turkey work.
It was super unnerving to cut the first set of loops!

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Depending on the store, tare weight is an option. I’m sure I’ll forget that step and pay the veggie price for the bag.
I frequent a farmer’s market; they weigh produce on the scale before bagging.
Great questions, thank you!


thanks for filling me in. Inquiring minds want to know!

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This is just adorable! And ooof, all those knots!

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That is amazing and A LOT of work! He looks fantastic.

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Wow! What a work of heart! Thanks for sharing and welcome to our community!

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:icecream: WooooOOOO hooooOOOO! Your super great craft is one of this week’s Featured Project! :cupcake:


I LOVE this and I love you did all those french knots. I need a french knot oscar in my life.

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This is so cool! What other characters are you hoping to use? This is such a great idea. It looks incredible!

I have no idea how the ‘turkey work’ technique is done, but it was a perfect choice for his bushy brows! And all those french knots!? Amazing! You gave him such character just with your choice of stitches. This came out super cute!

Welcome to the site, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your creations!