Otter Amigurumi

Inspired by @roler’s recent amigurumi adventures with the Animal Friends of Pica Pau books, I ordered the first book because @geekgirl had asked for an otter amigurumi and it gave me the excuse to purchase the book!

Here’s the first one I made that unfortunately got lost in transit:

And a side shot with his little tail in the photo:

And here a photo from geekgirl with the second one that I made for the replacement package:

I’m actually glad I redid the otter. I think the little button on the fuzzy vest in the second one is way cuter. :wink:


I think they are both super adorable! I love the little vest and the tail. You did such a great job. I love him!!!
PS. I think the second one has a mischievous expression. I like it. Ha!

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OMG I love them!! :otter: I’ll have to add that book to my Christmas list!

Both otters are so darling!!! It’s really fun to see another person doing Pica Pau patterns now! :slight_smile:

Adorable otter! I’ll have to look for that book.

Shut up! That is adorable!

Flippin’ adorable!

Oh my giggles! How cute are these little fellows? SUPER DUPER CUTE!

:open_mouth: so cute!!! Your skills are excellent. They look perfect!

Squeeeiii!! How adorable!!

Hopefully the first little guy ends up in a happy home :crossed_fingers:t2:

These are the cutest! I hope the one lost in transit eventually finds his way home

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OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! I LOVE THIS - googling now :slight_smile:

Omg, the otter is cute enough but those tiny sweaters! Outfit options! Amazing!

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Aaaggghhhhh I love themmmmm

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This little guy is so stinkin cute! I love the little buttoned shrug!

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So cuuuute!!

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Congrats! Your Otter Amigurumi is one of this week’s feature projects! Way to go!


Great! Thank you!

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these guys are so cute!
i like to think that the one that is lost found his way to some little guy out there who is currently clutching him to his chest and loving him up! i hope he takes him fishing…

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The Pica Pau critters are so cute, I’m happy to see another one that someone has made. He’s so sweet.