Our Town Mermaids & The Plan ~ ATCs

All of these were made with masterboard elements, words cut from books, and some cool stickers :grin:

“Our Town Mermaids”
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“Mrs. Gibbs’s Garden”

“Our Town Mermaids”
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“Mrs. Webb’s Garden”

“The Plan”

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:


Those backgrounds… whoa. I’m behind on the masterboard bandwagon, they look fab!


These are great!

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I love the storytelling aspect you went for in the 1st 2!

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When I was flipping through the script and saw the line about sunflowers I just knew I had to use it somehow! :smile:

The stickers you used are so pretty. Where did you get them? You set them off so pretty with your backgrounds.

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Thank you :grin: I started getting a Stickii Club subscription in June and that’s where the mermaids and girl came from. The mermaids can be bought on their own here. I can’t find the other one on it’s own but you can see it in this pack.

Oooh. Those are pretty. I’d never heard of that site. Thanks!

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