Outlander Inspired Shawl and mitts

One of my lifelong friends told me about her recent obsession with the show Outlander. She was so enamored that she even went on a trip to Scotland! I was thrilled as she isn’t the type to really get into geeky stuff like fandoms and whatnot, and felt inspired to make her a set of Outlander-inspired gear to cosplay when she felt the urge.

The show is set in 18th Century Scotland, so it features a lot of gorgeous knitwear. I found a pattern for a basic garter stitch shawl with a simple stripe accent edge.

See the inspo from the show:

In progress shawl - so. much. garter. The color of the yarn is sort of a grayish brown. I thought it fit the color palette of the show really well.

And because I had too much yarn leftover, I figured I’d make her some slouchy mitts to go with it. I ended up cobbling the pattern from one of my tried-and-true fingerless mitt patterns with another made for worsted weight yarns.


Beautiful recreation my friend!

Such a gorgeous and thoughtful gift! I imagine she’s thrillllllled!

Thank you! It was fun…until it wasn’t haha. I was thoroughly sick of garter halfway through that shawl. The mitts were a refreshing change once I got to that point.


It looks great, though! I love that you made mitts to match - the whole ensemble looks so cozy.

(I’ve knit this shawl, too, and I totally understand the monotony.)

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It turned out great! Well worth pushing through the boredom. I know your friend must love it!

What a special gift! Turned out so perfect too.

The entire set turned out lovely! I do like the simple color scheme and stripe…it would be a nice “do in front of a tv” type of pattern…

What a lovely gesture for your friend! It’s so fun when someone geeks out on something, you have to encourage them, right?? :laughing:

This is such a thoughtful gift sure to bring a smile to your friends face anytime she wears it! I love that you’ve provided her with the opportunity to be able to wear her Outlander love out in the world in a subtle and fashionable way.

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