Owl Handwarmer Calming Aid

I work with adults with intellectual disabilities. A huge challenge is finding age appropriate ways to use calming aids and methods. After being inspired by “fiddle muffs”

and other fidget aids, I developed this Owl themed handwarmer, with beaded edges.

The owl was made using a free Ravelry download called, “Owl Coaster.”



I attached a slightly adapted version to a single crochet base Handwarmer cuff made with super soft Bernat Blanket yarn from the Yarnspirations line in the color ‘dappled shadows.’

I then strung pearl beads onto some lavender yarn to create the edge. I used a single crochet stitch in each border stitch, with a pre-beaded pearl bead added into each stitch.

I then did one extra row of 2 single crochet stitches in each stitch so the beads do not get caught as the handwarmer is used.

The following message will be attached:
*We know you have had a few rough days lately, and we want to help in any way we can. Please use this Handwarmer to keep you warm this winter~~and when you get upset or sad, warm your hands and your heart~ think of the wise owl and the many ways that you can make wise decisions to respond to the way you are feeling~think of the pearls of wisdom to help you think of how to deal with what is upsetting you~use them to count to ten, then backwards again~you have the power to handle anything that flies your way *


This is both so thoughtful and beautiful. Well done.

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What a wonderful, thoughtful idea! Great work!

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Brilliantly creative and so therapeutic!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: the people I work with are my world!

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What a wonderful thing! You are amazing.

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Interesting idea … I’ve never heard of fiddle muffs but now I’m going to check them out.

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These look amazing! Hope they are helpful for the individuals!

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I love this idea! We have some challenged littles at church and I wonder if fiddle muffs would help. Not as noisy as spinners and cubes, I imagine.

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When my challenged son was little we gave him a dog collar with a plastic clasp during church. Opening and closing it was fairly quiet and kept him entertained. The other parishioners probably thought we were strange, but whatever works!


I love the ideas you all are coming up with. I had to also make sure that I didn’t make something too obvious as a fidget/fiddle aid so as not to call attention. And of course no small parts as others may have PICA concerns.

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