Owl themed Fabric Basket

I love the OWS Swap because you can pick and choose projects you like to make or those that you already have the supplies on hand…For my first pick, I chose @artsycandice because I know she likes owls and birds of all sorts. Lucky for me, she listed fabric baskets as one of the things she would love to receive.

I had purchased fat quarters of these fabrics back in the spring with no idea of what I would use them for…I think they were on sale from my favorite online store in London!

Anyway, one of the fat quarters had the cutest little owl. I enlarged the print on my copier, traced it on the linen, and embroidered it. I then used the other pieces to make a bit of zaka-style patchwork. I only had thinner interfacing, so used it on both the outer fabric and the lining to try to stiffen up the bag a bit. I then did a binding around the edge and stitched in all by hand.

Once the basket was done, the other sides looked a little bare, so I decided to add some puffs on one side ; hexies on another, and then a simple appliqued leaf on the last side.

I had a lot of fun making this one! The basket is about 7 inches square and tall.

Embroidered owl side

Puff Side

Hexie Side

Leaf Side



What a great idea to use an image from the fabric as an embroidered element! I’m tucking that idea away for future reference. I also like how you added different embellishments to each side, too. Such a lovely little basket!

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I’ll say it again…I love this! :yellow_heart:
I would be more than happy to receive something like this in the OWS :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is soooooo cute and comforting and sweet!

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This is fabulous! I love your choice of fabrics and the color combo. Great idea to embellish with hexies and yoyos.

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Love this! The fabric colors are so fantastic and I love your embellishments.

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It is so perfect and wonderful and exactly what I was hoping for. :heart::heart::heart: Thank you very much.

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That is so stinking adorable!

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I love the balance between the patchwork and the linen fabric, plus the elements on all four sides - very nice! The owl embroidery is my favorite element, that was a great idea to pull the design straight from the fabric!

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This is lovely! I have the same urge that you do to fill empty space - your embellishments look very artful!

This is super cute!

This kicks butt! I love your little added touches, makes it so much better

It’s so you to make something completely unique, awesomely detailed, & lovingly personalized for the recipient. What a terrific swap partner you are!

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