Pac Man Bulletin Board

I cut the words and Pac-Man characters with my Silhouette. Rather than messing around with registration marks and print-then-cut, I decided to take advantage of the circle die that my school owns. I printed all the book characters and ran them through the die cutter. The blue lines are masking tape.

Normally I would cover the bulletin board with the background paper and then decorate, but I made this flat and then stapled it up, complete.

After it was up I noticed I had two of Max from Where the Wilds Things Are, so I had to fix that!


This is fantastic… does it get any better than books and classic video games?! (Spoiler: it does not!)


This is really fun!

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Super cool! This would inspire me to read a book or two!


How fun! I bet the kids just eat it up.


This completely rocks!!!

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Stinky cheese man! :star_struck:

So many great characters :hugs: your students will love this!

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I bet this was quite the eye catcher! Its so graphic and bold and I love all the book characters! Very well done. Love it!

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Very nice! (I would have left the two Maxes & made it a scavenger hunt to find who had a duplicate…)

Shoutout for Zita! :green_heart:

Well done! I love this!

Congrats! You Pac Man Bulletin Board is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome! :tada:

This is delightful! So many good books!

This is so cool!

Such a fun and creative idea, I’m sure the kids love it.

This is awesome! :smiley:

I love it!

What a cute and original idea!