Pagoda Box/Lantern

This was one of my last makes of 2019 - a Christmas gift for my mom who has a pan-Asian theme in greens and wood tones in her bedroom.


The files came from She markets it as a box that can be a lantern, but I gave it purely as a lantern since I was going to be shipping it and not able to sort of explain live as it was being unwrapped.


I used my Cricut Explore to cut it, papers sources from various brick & mortar and online sources, lights from Target. I did add the battery pack sleeve from another project, it was not included in the files.


I love how it looks all lit up! So pretty!



its even extra cool all lit up!

Whoa, that’s incredible! I’m sure she loves it to bits.

So utterly stunning. A work of art.

Thanks, friends!

Ohh, I love that it lights up like that! How cool!

Such a unique piece!

This is amazing!

Thank you all!

I have this svg file. Like the way this looks. Inspired me to pick out some paper tomorrow.

Cool! Paper selection took me ages, but mainly I think because I was having to do much of the selecting in online stores. Cutting also took quite a while, but it went together pretty quickly after that!

This is the most gorgeous paper craft ever, it doesn’t even look like paper, it truly looks like a constructed building kit, even more so when lit from the inside. Bravo!

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That’s so lovely!!

That is amazing, what a great and talented daughter she has! It might be too flimsy to be used as a box, but as a lantern that won’t be moved or filled etc I think it’s perfect, it does look really cool when lit.

Thanks all!

@imera It is pretty strong and would great as a gift box!

It is? Ok, hard to see from photos, it looked like the fence was of scrapbook paper so I thpught the rest might be as well, but great that it’s giftbox strong :slight_smile:

The fence is the only flimsy part, but that is separated from the container part of the box. In mine it is a mid-weight cardstock, so it would be better in a heavier cardstock, but still just by the nature of its shape and attachment it will only be so sturdy. I would say no more fragile than some of the embellishments on store bought gift bags.