Paint Sample Cards Fun

Now, don’t go running to your local paint shop and raid their samples…that is not cool…BUT, if you are buying something and happen to like a couple of colors to consider for future projects…well…

Over the years, I have painted my rooms several times, so, yes, I do have a small box of sample paint chips. In the past, I used a lot of them to make simple needlebooks.

I noticed that some of the paint companies started putting out larger samples…anyway, I decided to
finally use them up. Stickers, words, gel pens, sharpies, ink. Most of these will probably just be used to junk journal embellishments…they were fun and used up a few of the stash!

I used the regular strip types and cut them up. I then just stuck on a simple sticker and punched a little hole…easy enough and cute.


Pretty tags! Those bubble tea and dessert stickers are so fun!

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Fun! I like how they aren’t obviously paint samples, but that if you look for just a second more you can see that they are.

Thanks for the floral stickers…I try to make use of things people send me.

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Such a fun way to upcycle!

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Those sticker + paint chip pieces will make some great tags!

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The flowers are so pretty.

This is a fun idea. The bigger ones could make neat ATC backgrounds too. Hmmmm. I know I have some around my house. Also, if you painted any room with the light purple of the two-toned purple in the first set, we may have the same wall color. Ha!
These are fun!

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My craft room was light purple!

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My kids’ bathroom used to be vertically striped with purples like those!


Looks like you had a lot of fun making them!
And they can be used in so many ways.