Painted Birthday Shoes

$4.97 shoes painted in Light Blue and Popsicle Green. My birthstone is peridot, and the paint choices were either too light or too dark. I went lighter because its supposed to glow in black light. I haven’t clear coated yet because I might add turquoise or navy stripes. Next step find somewhere to glow.


These look so cheerful and fun! I love the yellow inside too!

Pretty cool shoes! I love that you paint your footwear!

Neat! I never knew I needed glowing shoes until just now…I bet that’s going to look so cool!

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Such fun!

So fun!!

These turned out great. Hope you find somewhere to glow them!

Very cool! They make me think of spectator pumps.

Glow everywhere! I saw carry a blacklight with you and make your own spotlight! LOL! These are fun!


Wow! Fabulous!! I need to find some shoes to paint now.

Time to go to a bowling alley for night bowling perhaps? I hope you’ll share a pic if you can get one!

My husband suggested getting a black light flashlight and then stand in our half bath to take a picture. Um, No. Other people seeing the glow is half the fun.

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They built a bar that happens to also be a bowling alley in town 3 years ago and I might be able to sway my husband into going with “It’s my birthday”


:balloon: Congrats! Your fantastic work is one of this week’s Featured Project! :balloon:

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Thanks! I am happy to share my projects and get feed back

I’m glowing!


Oh my gosh, that’s frikken AWESOME!

Wow! That’s some serious glow! So awesome!

Such cool colours! I’d so wear them everywhere I’d go.