Painted Canvas Traveler’s Notebook

I made this painted canvas traveler’s notebook for @geekgirl in the Santa’s Sack Swap.

I used some duck canvas from Joann’s which I gesso’d, painted, and ripped to size before sewing.

I think the painted canvas should have been strong enough to not have the holes expand over time but I added some tyvek inside the spine just in case.

I’m super happy with how this turned out!


It turned out really lovely! Definitely see your colors in there!

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It’s really cute! The colors and design are mesmerizing.

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Very, VERY cool!

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Fantastic!! This came out soo cool and is perfect for geekgirl! Love the “notes” label and the button/elastic closure.

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That looks so great. Fabric, paint, stitching, paper, stamps & a button, all the best things!


Love the colors and shapes and the masterboard look of it. Well done!

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