Painted Clay Pot Swap Idea

Clay pot

Would anyone be interested in a Painted Clay Pot swap? I see so many fun designs and characters on Pinterest and think it would be perfect to get ready for the Spring!
Here are some random ones I pulled off of Pinterest for inspiration.

drip clay pots
Watermelon pot

The swap could be for one clay pot with up to three partners?
Anyone interested?


These are really cute!

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Love this idea, I’d be in!

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Do you have a preference for a time-line? I was thinking of Feb 20 - Mar 5 for sign-ups. Send outs April 9th?

That sounds good to me.

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Things got a little hectic for me. Would anyone mind if I pushed this back a little? Or are you looking forward to it?

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Pushing back a bit sounds great to me.

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I’ve been thinking about this idea since the day you suggested it. Have you thought of the shipping cost on those heavy things? Overall I’ll prolly sit this one out but I want to share a secert.
I was once a pot-head, Remember back when making ‘smoke pots’ were the trend? Filling the pots with sand for people to put their cigarette butts in? Well, my addictive side got on board and 50 or so pots later I finally rested. I found a few that I remembered to capture. I don’t paint well but it never stopped me.
pots to share

Mixed medium addiction

And in true addiction fashion:

Around Christmas time I came up with those plant starter peat pots. I made ornaments. I’ll have to search for photos if anyone is interested.


I don’t think they would be too heavy to ship. I have shipped much heavier tiems. My main worry was them braking.

Your pots are great! You have a great variety.

hugs pink heart