Painted shelves

This is an odd corner in our sitting room, the alcove is formed by the chimney breast, but there are pipes in beside which have been boxed in. Some time in the past someone made some shelves to fit, I didn’t like them much, because they are too deep and the spacing of the shelves is a bit odd. However they are staying because it would be a dead corner otherwise. I think I will get some baskets to store stuff in the deeper parts.

but it needed painting, and it needed painting fast, we had started painting the room and putting down flooring, so this was done in the gaps between those tasks. it was all from paint that I had at home,

I chose a dark blue that I faded into a lighter blue in a subtle ombre. Added some wallpaper samples to the inside of the top (the insides of the bottom shelves are invisible, but the middle shelves have no back—like I said it is weird!)

then I went crazy with gold leaf.I like gold leaf, but this is also a darker corner so I thought a metallic would be good to bring in some light. They are kinda tall , you can see the lovely white walls and cornice and the darker wood floor, we need to finish the trim, but we are 90% there with the floor

Closer view

Before, I always forget a before shot, so this gives an idea of the colour of the wood.


If they open into your craft room like that, I think it is meant to pass you food and water when you are holed up in there… :joy:

You did a lovely job on it…the gold leaf is my favorite.

I know you will put the space to good use…


I think this turned out really pretty!

It fit that spot perfectly - what a lucky find. And I love the organic look of the gold, it’s a lot like veining in some marbles. Is that paper or fabric or stenciling or ? on the top shelf? That’s a really lovely touch.

Perfect for an odd little nook! Love the offbeat combo of the wallpaper samples with the open shelves beneath. The gold leaf takes it into an over-the-top-wonderful realm.

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