Painting/ drawing anecdote

A small wonderful feeling and anecdote from a recent online class I took that I wanted to share with you all!

“Allow whatever wants to come out, come out. Don’t think about it, don’t control it.”

That’s how my painting teacher, Clare, began her online session “Art As Alchemist: Stepping Out Of The Fear Body” a few weeks ago. We started making marks, which she reminded us is something we’ve all been doing since we were children. No holding back, just mark-making as a child would.

I tend to be an over thinker, so doing this without any judgment was fun and meditative. No one could tell me it was “wrong” – it wasn’t about being right, but simply a process of trusting myself and my creative hands.

The whole class was SO joyful and Clare kept reminding us to keep going without thinking because, in the end, we have all the answers. I ended up drawing such a joyful figure, hands in the sky, with disproportionally big feet (I’d like to think because it is “grounded” in the present :slight_smile: ) and pooping rainbow!:smile: Something I felt compelled to write and share!

This weekend, I’m participating in “Transforming Tension into Flow Through Mark Making” and I’m excited for more of this intuitive process! Have a beautiful day


I see it’s your first post on Lettuce Craft. A warm welcome!

That art class sounds wonderful!
I too tend to overthink everything, including my art. Whereas the most wonderful things come from our subconscious. I bet you had loads of fun.
I am looking forward to seeing your work.

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Yes, welcome! Sounds like a great class, with a wonderful take-away message. I, too, have a tendency to overthink art sometimes. Glad you are here, and thanks for jumping in and posting!

Great story! I’d love to see how your art turned out!

And welcome to Lettuce Craft!