Painting - Nikita

This is the latest painting I did. It is oils worked over an acrylic under painting on 18×24 aquabord.


You amaze me.

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Lovely. Looks like a Renaissance painting.


This is incredible


Stunningly gorgeous!

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How beautiful!

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Woah!! Beautiful!!!

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Absolutely phenomenal. Its stunningly beautiful. You’re a master at oils! Basically at everything. Ha!

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Thank you guys. Let me explain how “I” feel about my own paintings. First, I have no training of any kind in any field of artwork, tho Lord knows how I always wished to attend the School of Visual Arts here in NY, so I could stop stumbling around every time I pick up a brush and having to figure out what to do each step of the way every time I start a new painting. Somehow it works out, tho I think an artist from the past is having fun taking over my brushes because sometimes even I look at the work I produce and wonder in amazement how in the heck do I do that??? I know that sounds rather, well I can’t think of the right word for it, in any case it sounds “awful” to say!

But when people ask me how I can paint like that, my response is always, "I have no idea! what I am doing; it’s like I am watching a video of somebody else’s hands doing the work! " And I am completely mesmerized the whole time! Understand? Think that is what they call being “in the zone?” Know what I mean?


See my reply. But I thank you!!

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This is just stunning.

All the details on her pashmina is just lovely.

CONGRATULATIONS! This has been chosen as one of this week’s Featured Projects.

Many thanks!


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I thought this was a photograph not a painting, you’re amazing!

Wow, this is wonderful!

Holy macaroni, what an intensely fantastic painting! Wow, you have some serious talent.

Wow, that is an amazing painting!
You are so talented!
The face is so lifelike, and so are the fabrics, and everything else.
And the colors are beautiful.
And did I mention you have a lot of talent?