Painting of vintage squirrel figurine from Japan

Show below with a pop can for scale and my Green Cheek Conure, Mr Peepers (RIP Mr P) because he was so darn cute.


So tiny and sweet!

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Super cute!

What’s Mr. Peepers up to there, did he get jelly of that squirrel and take him out? LOL, funny bird.


This is adorable!

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@Magpie, he sure did! Anything I was intently focused on he wanted to be a part of too or at least distract me from so he could go back to being the center of attention. That little dork was great company but not so great around wet paint!


That is the cutest!

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This is darling!

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Cute painting and even cuter Mr. Peeps, sorry for your loss. My daughter has a female eclectic since first grade she is now 30 yo and Birdie is 30. My daughter adores her.

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So small!

I love the paint drags from above and below, as well as the speckling. And Mr. Peepers is sweet! Sorry to hear he passed.


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Thanks! It is painted on an up-cycled wooden coaster and I wanted to allow some of the grain from the wood to show under the paint; so I thinned it on the edges to allow the wood to “peep!” through. Also thanks for the kind sentiment for Mr Peepers. We were each others flock and making art and music has been very healing while recovering from the loss of our little buddy. :parrot::green_heart::parrot:

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Extra points for an upcycle!

It’s so painful when little buddies pass.

I love how you thinned the paint to get that cool background with the wood showing and how you shaded using dots. Very cool.
Sorry to hear about your buddy, but I’m glad you’re able to use art and music to help you heal during the grief.

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The bird shot is probably my favourite XD but the art is really great, love the dot shading

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