Paper bag Princess Collage

Just a simple collage using old scrapbook paper from the basement (I think it was bought for a kid’s craft at some point). It is based off the final image in the book The Paperbag Princess.


Beautiful! Such precise rips!

I totally recognized that little girl-years ago my kids loved that story! I like your paper background, especially the torn edges which always look better in this kind of “collage quilt” I think :slight_smile:

I love the technique of torn paper

Nicely done!


I am not familiar with the book, but it’s a very cool project!

This is fabulous!

What?! Unpossible!

This is super cute!

All the organic shapes make me wanna scream!!m

Destashing!! and the final result is nice, happy and excited :smiley:

Wonderful! So organic and alive! And it’s a brilliant book too :sparkles:

Beautiful! Love the muted color palette you went with.

I’ve never heard of the book but this artwork is fantastic. It has such an earthy, inspirational feel to it.

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Oh, this is killing me. I think I’ve read every Robert Munsch book there is but that one’s an early favourite.

"Prince Ronald said, Elizabeth, your hair is all dirty. You are wearing an ugly paper bag. You don’t have any shoes on and you smell like a dragon’s ear. Come back and rescue me when you’re dressed like a real princess.

Elizabeth said, Ronald, your hair is all nice. Your clothes are all pretty. You look like a nice guy, but guess what? You are a bum.

They didn’t get married after all.

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Thanks everyone. And for those who don’t know the book it’s a picture book by Robert Munsch and I would argue some of the best entertainment available for my $10.


Oh it’s one of my favorites. Princess gets taken by a dragon and burns all her clothes, hence the paper bag. She basically rescues herself when the prissy prince shows up. That last scene of her dancing into the sunset in her paper bag all free and happy is the absolute best. Every girl should be gifted this book.